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My Friend Debbie - Sabbath in the Busy SeasonSabbath in the Busy Season
by Heather King

This busy life, this busy season and yet still I try to live a lie: that at some point I'll finish the list, the busyness on the calendar will end, and then I can rest because every single project and chore is done, done, done. And since that never happens, rest never happens.

Consider Your Mother
by Lisandrea Wentland

We ought to have tremendous respect for all the forefathers of our faith, but no other character in history made such a similar commitment to God as Mary.
My Friend Debbie - Consider Your Mother

My Friend Debbie - 100-Day Identity Makeover: Discover Your Identity in Christ and Walk It Out100-Day Identity Makeover: Discover Your Identity in Christ and Walk It Out
by Renee Beamer

While others watch the things of this world deteriorate, you acknowledge the creative power of the Spirit of God within you and bring life to our decaying culture!

Educating for Eternity
by Debbie Reynolds Harper

If we will seek His will, He will give us instruction. If we will be willing to follow, He will be faithful to guide. Be inspired to pursue all that God has planned and purposed for your life and all the academic achievement that He will bring!!
My Friend Debbie - Educating for Eternity

My Friend Debbie - The Revelation of GodThe Revelation of God's Glory
by Shermaine Jones

His justice and judgment tends to be the first thing we think of concerning God, but it is not the first thing He says about Himself.

An Intimate Relationship with Jesus
by Sylvia Hensel

This article is geared toward my relationship to Jesus, my Lord. It speaks of how I came to know Him personally. This came about by reading the Word daily, prayer and spending time with Him until He releases me, no matter how long it may be.
My Friend Debbie - An Intimate Relationship with Jesus

My Friend Debbie - Sowing Seeds of Love in Others, Blooms in Beautiful FriendshipsSowing Seeds of Love in Others, Blooms in Beautiful Friendships
by Samantha Ewing

Jesus is a friend of sinners. Throughout the Bible we see the beauty of His love to the least of these. He holds them close, he encourages them well, he never turns his back without offering a redemptive plan. He gives us a beautiful example of agape, unconditional love. I challenge us all to show that kind of love.

Corolla, NC with Girlfriends
by DeeDee MacDonald

Special memories are made when girlfriends get together for a "girlfriend's trip." I was invited to share in the memories that would be made.
My Friend Debbie - Corolla, NC with Girlfriends

My Friend Debbie - Seven Family Traditions for the New YearSeven Family Traditions for the New Year
by Debbie Reynolds Harper

There is no other priority greater than the one we have of offering our worship to our God, the living God, the maker of heaven and earth, the Savior of the World, the Christ, the Lord of Heaven!

The Power of Three Words
by Debbie Reynolds Harper

The Lord specifically challenged me to speak to my husband in kind and cordial "three-word phrases" for 20 days!
My Friend Debbie - The Power of Three Words

My Friend Debbie - Book Review: "Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters"Book Review: "Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters"
by Rhema Peet

This book kept my husband's attention and encouraged him. Instead of attacking fathers for their failures, Dr. Meeker describes attributes that they should demonstrate, and what specific things daughters need from fathers.

Super Foods for Super Health & Fat-Burning
by Lucinda Bedogne, CNHP, CNC

One of the secrets to a healthy body and a healthy weight is to consume foods that are as nutrient-dense as possible. The more you eat those types of foods while staying clear of the "�empty-calorie" refined, processed, starchy or high sugar ones, the better off you will be.
My Friend Debbie - Super Foods for Super Health & Fat-Burning

My Friend Debbie - Celebrate CreativityCelebrate Creativity
by Debbie Reynolds Harper

Dads and Moms can have an influence on how much the son or daughter enjoys the craft. The craft can run in families and if so, it should be kept by skillful instruction and by enjoying a delightful sense of completion.

Holiday Hunt for Bargains
by Debbie Reynolds Harper

This holiday season, I "took to the hunt" I went to see what I could find!! I had no particular agenda or items on my list, but rather just to see what the Lord might allow me to joyfully discover and uncover!
My Friend Debbie - Holiday Hunt for Bargains

My Friend Debbie - My kid found the kryptonite to bring down SupermomMy kid found the kryptonite to bring down Supermom
by Heather King

I have lunch in the school cafeteria with each of my girls every single month on our own "special" day of my own choosing when it fits with our schedule and when we can actually sit and enjoy each other's company without shouting over the ambient noise of 150 kids plus their parents and grandparents.

Turn Old Man Winter Into A Breath of Fresh Air
by Cindy Aitken

So, in order to make it through these chillier seasons, I build in some sure fire ways of warming things up through these FIVE simple tips.
My Friend Debbie - Turn Old Man Winter Into A Breath of Fresh Air

My Friend Debbie - Chicken and Rice CasseroleChicken and Rice Casserole
by Debbie Reynolds Harper

There is nothing quite like it that makes me feel loved and cared for when it comes to food!! I hope you can share this with your family the way I do mine!! It's simple and good!!

Fashion Footwear
by Debbie Reynolds Harper

We tried it for our daughter, Gillian and she was able to get some great new styles for school! She also got some boots for Christmas that she just loves!! You may want to give it a try and see what you think!
My Friend Debbie - Fashion Footwear

My Friend Debbie - Battle RoomBattle Room
by Renee Beamer

It was difficult to have so many hurting people in my life, so I continually prayed God's restoration. One day, while "prayer walking" in the dining room, I sensed a shift was to come as a result of my telling the enemy he was trespassing and was no longer the authority.

Light and Delicious Thai Soup
by Rhema Peet

This is hands-down my family's favorite soup recipe! The flavors are so bright and savory and the ingredients are healthy. It's a versatile soup, so you can add or delete ingredients to your preference.
My Friend Debbie - Light and Delicious Thai Soup

My Friend Debbie - Five Points to PolitenessFive Points to Politeness
by Debbie Reynolds Harper

I offer five points here to keep the season "Merry and Bright!!" and to help keep the atmosphere of your family gathering as meaningful and as much of a blessing as possible!!

It's A New Day
by Nancy Slocum

I turn your mourning into joy and dancing. It was worth it. Just like the joy set before me at the cross, I have set before you and paid for. All of it was and is for My glory, plan and purposes, that many may come into My Kingdom!
My Friend Debbie - It

My Friend Debbie - 3 Winter Ideas for Your Home3 Winter Ideas for Your Home
by Debbie Reynolds Harper

Those extra touches make winter nice! So, don't forget the little things that matter to add delight to every part of your house.

Apple Crisp
by Debbie Reynolds Harper

A nice holiday gathering or just a nice family meal would not be complete without this wonderful, warm, and tasty apple crisp! This recipe has been passed down through generations and has stayed a classic family favorite!
My Friend Debbie - Apple Crisp